Raise the confidence levels of your prospects using Search Engine Optimization

Possible only if your website lists on the first page of search engine results… because of SEO




Why Invest in Search Engine Optimization ?

  • More than 90% of internet users do not view search listings beyond 1st page. So you definetely want your business listed in the top 5 or 10. This is only possible with SEO or paid advertisements.
  • SEO has big positive impact on brand awareness and your authority in particular business domain. It raises your website ranking to soaring heights.
  • Get more qualified leads with SEO because users with buying intent are more likely to convert into customers.
  • Invest in SEO and beat your competition.
  • If you have invested in developing a good website now investing in SEO will drive ROI in both.

Why Kotes


When your business website lists top in organic search it raises the confidence levels of your customers to new heights. This is possible only with Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Search engine optimization is the most profitable way to get website Traffic. SEO can drive enormous amounts of traffic without paying for ads. SEO is also imperative for Brand awareness on longer term.

Why Kotes


  • We can deliver SEO which is 90 – 95% efficient. We do not take any short cuts.
  • You will work with experts, the team consists of SEO experts, content writers and strategists. SEO requires a lot of skill and knowledge.
  • We are cost efficient; our SEO plans are huge value package if you are small business.
  • Our continuous improvement method enables update of SEO content periodically thereby keeping up the efficiency.

We optimize individual pages in your website so that your blogs and pages get high visibiity. The results are, your content gets better ranking and more trafffic comes in.

Off Page SEO – Reputation Builder. Your website link present on other websites is an endorsement.

For this type of SEO we identify the opportunities to place your website link and rank them by priority and relevance for the business.

Our process helps you achieve maximum mileage from Off-page SEO.

Technical SEO – Search Engine Friendliness indicator

SEO is not complete unless all critical technical SEO problems are addressed. Whether its server speed or technical architecture our SEO experts will priorities this work, technical SEO is basic yet very critical for SEO success.

Content Marketing – Using 8P’s of Marketing

The right content in right place and context makes a big difference. Content marketing is the most critical because ultimately your content is what matters mostly to your prospects. Without SEO techniques even good content wont be listed by search engines.

Online Advertising – Complementing SEO efforts. Although PPC and organic search are two separate efforts they compliment each other.

We have testing this many times for the benefit of our customers. While your SEO is still building PPC can respond to the high ranking key words.

Having delivered SEO and PPC successfully for many clients we know how to maximize its benefits.


We Deliver SEO Value

We approach your business with open mind. Every SEO project is unique we develop strategies based on deep analysis of your brand and the unique value proposition your business offers.

Besides, we are a one stop shop for all your digital marketing needs too.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaigns

PPC / Google CPC Ads, Copywriting, Campaign setup and Optimization.

Website Development

Your business website designed and hosted by us, full of CTAs, great user experience and SEO friendly.

Social Media Marketing

Content development, Campaign configuration, Measurement and Continous improvement.

Direct Customer Communication

Email, Mobile Text Messages, Surveys, Audits

Interactive Elements

Polls, Surveys, Videos, Maps, Chatbots

Digital Marketing - Full Service

We are a full services digital marketing firm, check out our full suite of services.

Target for SEO Success

Approach makes all the difference

Goals are fundamental; digital marketing strategy must align with business goals whether its Brand awareness, Increasing leads or ‘Sale’ Campaign, we have to align the activities with business goals. Strategy for SEO is usually search engines, primarily Google and Bing.


Potential SEO Outcomes

Here are some key outcomes you can expect from our program.

To feature on Search Engine Rank Pages (SERP -1) if efforts are put for a continuous period of 12 months.

Results should be monitored for key search phrases relevant to the business only.

Our clients achieved success as given below.

  • Our preschool education businesses customer achieved 100% increase in traffic from organic search over 12 months.
  • Our Dental office customer achieved 120% increase in traffic from SEO marketing in 5 months.



Case Studies

We have always delivered what we promised. Our customers speak of that openly.