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Social media for raising brand awareness

Social media effectiveness was often challenged by our customers. Several customers were using facebook to post business updates on a regular basis and we heard following questions about Facebook from our clients.

  • What key information about my business should I keep on Facebook?
  • Which marketing content is effective on Facebook?
  • Are the free postings on Facebook page worth my time, do customers care or respond to Facebook posts?
  • How frequently should I post business updates on Facebook?

This case study covers some of the questions above.

Project summary

Greenway Smiles had multiple business pages and they are all active on Facebook, all pages had likes and followers. The total number of likes are less than 50 which is low for a successful dental practice running for more than five years. The customer runs a Dental practice, a well known dental doctor with a large customer base. Greenway smiles was interested in social media campaigns to reach potential customers for new leads and to engage existing customers with interesting content.

The Strategy

Our customer is primarily interested in marketing campaigns but in our discovery exercise we assessed a number of issues in the social media presence of this brand.

Following activities were performed;

Step 1: Fix the basics first.

  • Consolidate multiple business pages into one page.
  • Maintained the basic business information accurately.

Step 2: Warming up audience

  • We posted video content and photos with description which are educational and informative to potential and existing customers.
  • We warmed up the audience with interesting content, we used home grown content for the warmp up. The content was original and represented the focused areas of the Dental practice.

Step 3: Advertisement Campaigns

We ran advertisement campaigns using video and photo ads, Facebook gave a number of options to select audience.

We were able to pick audience based on characteristics such as income, age and gender. We also targeted audience group who were the viewers of content posted previously.

After trying different combination of audience groups, and content we started to get leads.

Step 4: Continuing the cycle.

Above described cycle continued for 3 months and was transitioned to customer’s team.

Customer’s team is enablement with trainings and hands-on training about the marketing activities needed.

We consider enablement services as a key to success and sustainability.

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