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Social Media Marketing

More than 40% of the world’s population, or about 4 billion people are having social media accounts. If you want to build Brand, engage prospects and increase sales, social media marketing is very critical.

Social media is a vast ocean and also highly competitive space, one can be lost very easily without a trusted partner who can channel all efforts and lead you.

Kotes team consists social media, content writing and brand management experts. We devise the right strategy which matches for your business.

Services we offer

Social media Business profile

Creating an appealing social media business profile on most important platforms.

Content creating / Copy Writing

Creating advertisements for social media campaigns / paid ads.

Lead transfer

Instant transfer of leads to proper channels of your business for sales activities.

Social media advertising

Strategize Plan and Run social media campaigns for products and services.

Social media Analytics

To measure, analyze, monitor and recommend improvements on a continuous basis.

How we do it

Social media marketing is more than just posting updates frequently, you need to have good strategy and right content to stand out in the competition. Given the large population of social media users your ads and posts can turn your business around but your posts won’t stand the competition unless they are carefully crafted. A brilliant post is what it takes to get the attention of consumer.

Strategy: Strategy for social media can be,

  • Brand Awareness
  • Brand Engagement
  • Brand Expansion

Identify clear goals for your social media marketing, this forms the basis of marketing strategy.

Social media is a vast ocean and it is very easy to be lost if you don’t have goals. We work with you to identify Achievable goals which align with your Business Goals. Business goals in terms of Leads, Sales, or Brand awareness. We are here to help you strategize and advise from a marketing perspective.

Build customer profile: knowing your customers will tell how to reach them. We dig deep into your business model to understand who your customers are. We use this knowledge in developing content and in segmenting marketing campaign audience.

Roadmap: We deliver a roadmap and a time bound plan with activities. Everything we do including a simple daily post will align with your social media marketing strategy.

Execution: We execute the campaigns by publishing it according to the plan, a customized plan made for your business.

Mix marketing tools: A mixture of marketing channels and tools will be executed in Agile mode for achieving optimum results. The approach is to monitor the outcome in shorter intervals and take corrective measures quickly.

Measure and improve social media marketing activities.

We study customer behavior and maneuver marketing activities to meet customer interest. We analyze customer’s digital behavior using metrics just as Impressions, Shares, Reviews and likes.

We measure the social media effectiveness in terms of Brand awareness, Brand Engagement and Word of Mouth. Our efforts are powered by expertise and tools we Measure, Monitor and continuously improve in each wave.

Why work with Kotes

Proven Track record

We are a focused group of dedicated digital marketing experts; we don’t leave any stone unturned in the marketing process. We don’t give up until we make you successful.

Dedicated resources

Our dedicated resources assigned to you will take deep interest in understanding your business goals and work accordingly. From our experience a dedicated resource makes big difference in co-creation and enablement activities.

Process Driven

We follow a process in executing every step. Our Digital marketing process is tested
repeatedly and is continuously improved. We measure our quality by our processes also and not just results.

Marketing Can Be Overwhelming.
The Good News is, Help is Available

Brand Design & Strategy

We undertake all of the activities aimed to create great branding with the right Marketing mix and designing of consistent marketing communication for desired results.

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Branding: it is the process of creating a strong, positive, perception of a company or product or service. All the activities and processes and marketing mix, all of which are used in a certain combination to consistent and communication to the target market. Effective branding differentiates a company or product vs. it’s competition in a given target market.

Target Market: To define the target customers by their demographic profile, such as gender, race, age, their interests in order to plan correct marketing mix for the chosen segments.

  1. Based on type of users – B2B, B2C, G2C, G2G, consumer, influencer, payer, decision makers etc.
  2. Based on Age, gender, Geographic location etc
  3. Based on type of Need: Basic Needs, Good to Have Need, Affiliative etc.
  4. Profession, Business, Student etc
  5. habits – travel, entertainment, food preference etc.

Marketing Strategy: The strategy centers on the 8 P’s of marketing Mix. However, firms are also at liberty to use the traditional 4 P’s of marketing – product, price, place, and promotion. The 8 P’s include people, positioning, processes, and performance, in addition to the 4 Ps of traditional marketing.

Digital marketing uses all the elements that are used appropriately on digital platforms much like the brick-and-mortar methods do outside digital space. Kotes can help you achieve your goals.

Social Media Marketing

Creating Social media profiles for your organization as well as your products and services is a mandatory marketing activity. Besides, regular updates and campaigns are a necessity. You also have to get customer feedback We help you with all of that.

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Social media profiles allow you to showcase your brands and enhance awareness for the same. Creating a business profile, display your products and/or services require specialized skills.

Social Marketing is the most cost-effective compared to the traditional channels and luckily, there are several social media platforms available for choosing the right one depending on your product or service.

To stay connected and engage with your customers and monitor positive or negative comments is possible, right within the budgetary considerations. To receive highly valuable customer testimonials and keep supportive following for the business and their products/services, it all requires a smart presence on social media. We help you exactly as required.

Marketing Analytics

Important part of the digital marketing activity is to analyze the outcomes continuously and take necessary actions as required from time to time.

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Marketing Analytics: It is all too important that you continuously monitor your target market and assess your marketing mix on continuous basis, in addition to the activities of competition.

In view of the digital marketing, some areas of focus are:

Digital Content – How do your target market consumes the content, whether it be in website pages, or social media profiles, landing pages and all sorts of digital ads. This gets highest importance.

Keywords and Search Terms – These are synonyms for the most important aspect of market, namely Market needs. Every marketing company needs to update themselves to know the trends, to update or alter the digital content to be successful.

Customer behavior – It is very important that how each digital content is working in terms of keeping the interest of the visitors up and alive. You need to know all of that.

Kotes can help you very well in that task.

Search Engine Optimization

Increase site traffic from organic search with SEO setup. SEO targets unpaid traffic on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. We can do it in the right way.

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is about your website traffic, such that your business website or business pages on various social media platforms show up as a natural or Organic search result to queries by prospective customers on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. SEO targets unpaid traffic as compared to the paid traffic, which is done as PPC in general.

SEO involves several processes and phases to pass through to see visible results as outcome the activity. When your target customers are spread across the county, SEO strategy is the best option. Also, the time consumed to may vary from 6 months to a year to achieve the set goals.

Pay Per Click Campagins

Pay-Per-Click or PPC as it popularly called as, is an online advertising model in which advertisers pay each time a user clicks on one of their online ads, which obviously brings the visitor to your site.

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In pay-per-click advertising, businesses running ads are only charged when a user clicks on their ad, hence the name “pay-per-click.” Google calls the same thing as CPC or “Cost-Per-Click”

The PPC ads are displayed based on the bids, budget, geographies among many other attributes. It requires the advertiser to allocate budget and then choose the keywords for which they want their ads to be displayed alongside the organic search results. This requires continuous monitoring keyword trends and updating the ad content and bid amount and so on.

PPC campaign needs an experienced professional, employed either partially or full-time resource, to get effective results. For more information…

Copywriting & Strategy

We listen to you and create content for your website for generating interest of your site visitors with compelling reasons to try your product/Services.

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Professional content writing in digital marketing scenarios require not only language skills, but equally as much of knowledge and skills related to marketing processes, customer understanding and a chain of events that take place in this specialization.

Some of the niche activities of copy writing in digital marketing space are as follows.

1. Ad Copy writing
2. Long-Farm (FAQs, Knowledge Topics etc)
3. Blogs, social media content
4. Direct to Customer Communication – Email, SMS, Call-for-action, Surveys etc
5. Web Content (SEO Friendly)

We do all of them for you…

Team Training

Getting your team to get involved in digital marketing has a Long-term benefit for your organization. Besides, the ever-evolving digital marketing scenarios pushes your teams for continuous updating of knowledge and skills. We help you with that

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A Marketing work and its success rate are highly dependent on client’s team. Whether it is content creation or campaign execution, the roles played by your team has big impact on success.

At Kotes, we strongly believe your success is our success and gets highest priority. Hence, we give greatest importance to enablement and training activities. We take self-initiative for enablement activities and work closely with clients from day one of the engagement.

Our services are offered to transform your team members into high productive marketing assets.

Website Development

Your website is the digital face of your business. We help you creating business website that meets best practices and features for ease of updating the content.

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Your website is the face of your business online and from the way the site looks, to the content (Text and Media) available and the way the entire flow is organized is going to create lasting impressions on the minds of your prospective customers.

We design websites depends on your unique business scenarios – keeping in mind your prospective customers, devices they use, potential commercial applications that your site would be communicating in the due course etc.

All websites we build are responsive, mobile friendly and fully optimized for search engines. Kotes Digital Marketing provides full range of services to create website that are digital marketing ready.

Email Marketing

eMail campaign lets you communicate with your customers and bring them to your site for additional information. Let’s get you there quickly.

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Communicating with your present and potential customers about your products /services, offers, latest news, awards your business or products / Technology / Innovation etc. etc. is an absolute must happen activity. Among so many different, email marketing is surely a great way as that is the only way you can reach your true Brand-ambassadors aka your existing customers.

It leads us to think and evaluate some of of the critical factors to understand why email marketing is important. To list, here are some Use-Cases that strongly support email marketing as a channel are

1. New Product Research

2. Product Usage Reviews

3. Good News about your brands

4. Sale (Discounts, Special Prices et.0

5. Product Recalls (email is the most cost effective) saving businesses from unwanted negative publicity.

There are many more Use-Cases for email marketing while there are many other new channels of marketing keep coming into the market.

Landing Pages

We create professional grade landing pages as part of your website, in addition to creating your online advertisements. These landing pages have to be consistent with your online Ads and retain the tempo.

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First impression is the best impression, and it is going to make all the difference in terms of their future visits. Landing page is the destination page which your potential customer lands on, after interacting with your online advertisement.

The design and presentation of landing pages plays significant role in success of marketing campaigns. Landing pages should contain appealing content and easy to use “Click-to-Action” (CTA) buttons for ease of navigating them to right pages on your site for further information, with little or no chance to exit your site. Most importantly, the content of your advertisement and landing page should be in sync and consistent to build the trust factor on your product or service. For more information.


Kotes marketing strategies

You Can Expect…

        1. Tremendous growth in website Traffic.

    2. Increased Conversions and high value actions

    3. Increased awareness and positive brand association.