Pay Per Click Campaigns

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertisements are the most effective traffic drivers and give quicker ROI.


Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns generate quick results and can drive visitors early during a product or service launch.

PPC ads work by directing online users to your website. PPC ads show case your business ad to users who are actively searching on Google or other search engines.

Buying intent can make it best time to convert, but only if advertisements appears before them right then.

People who click on a PPC advertisement are 50% more likely to buy.

Why Kotes

Why Kotes

Our PPC ads have been remarkably successful and consistent in generating leads.

Our PPC ads are specifically designed for conversations. With original and creative content, they will give much higher return on investment (ROI).

Our Processes

We approach each business with open mind. Every Pay Per Click campaign requires a unique strategy which is formulated using knowledge and industry experience.

PPC campaign strategy has to align with business goals whether its Brand awareness, Increasing leads or Sales. We will develop Strategies which aligns with your business goals.

Strategy for PPC advertisements is Search engines and Social media. The focus in current scenarios is usually Google search ads.

We assess the readiness of your digital assets and brand awareness, we also assess the landing pages where the PPC ad traffic will be sent to. This exercise will give us idea of what needs to be developed.

  • Asses landing page readiness
  • Asses copywriting requirements
  • Competitor analysis and industry standards for the particular segment.
  • Keywords analysis, draft keywords needed for the campaigns.
  • Research Target audience

A roadmap with dates and deliverables on how to achieve the set goals.

Optimize digital Assets: Many times we optimize your website, landing page, social media profiles and other digital assets so that best response and yield comes out from the marketing campaigns.

Execute activities: Run PPC campaigns as planned in a series or waves, we keep the execution agile and improve continuously.

We measure the campaign effectiveness using multiple key metrics. We study the effectiveness and change ways when needed in fast paced continous improvement model.

Here are some key outcomes you can expect from our program.

  • 100 to 300% increase in traffic from PPC ads over 3 months.
  • Increase in leads and enquiries by 3 to 5 times
  • Revenue increased by 40 – 60 % in 6 months
  • Brand awareness raised to new heights.


We deliver Value

Every digital marketing project requires a unique strategy. We identify strategies based on your goals and your brand positioning.

Besides, we are a one stop shop for all your digital marketing needs too.

Ad Copy Writing


PPC / Google CPC Ads, Social Media Postings and campaigns.

Website Content

SEO friendly content which is keyword relevant that will list on top in Organic Search

Blogs, Social Media Content

Right content to Connect with your customer and Promote Brand awareness.

Direct Customer Communication


Email, Mobile Text Messages, Surveys, Audits

Interactive Elements


Polls, Surveys, Videos, Maps, Chatbots



FAQs, Knowledge Topics, Presentations

Kotes - results to expect

You Can Achieve

You can achieve your business goals with PPC advertisements relatively quickly and can measure the results transparently.

PPC is very effective in reaching your target audience.

PPC works immediately whereas SEO takes longer time.

PPC’s return on investment (ROI ) is usually 2 to 3 months on popular search engines like google.

Remember, more than 90% of consumers never view the second page in search listings.

Great content and PPC ads are great combination.

Case Studies

We have always delivered what we promised. Our customers speak of that openly.