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Kotes is a full-service digital marketing firm. We have proven expertise in Google and social media marketing. We also develop clean, fast and user-experience driven websites. The pillars of architecture in our work are market research, business processes, user experience and lead generation.

Our customer success stories

All of the digital marketing success metrics have the common elements at the planning stage. The key components are clear and achievable goals. execution plan, execution and monitoring. We followed these cardinal principles exist in every project and that lead to targeted customer success outcomes.

We would like you to check PPC campaigns success for instance.

Website Rebuilding and SEO

Website Rebuilding and SEO forReston Montessori SchoolHere is the case study which is about a reputed school in Reston, Virginia. Reston Montessori School has 36 years of standing in the market and is considered as the top-notch private school in this Reston....

Website Interactiveness – Liquor Mart

Interactive Website - Liquor MartYour website may be presenting interesting content as a result you are expecting users to stay for longer duration on the site, but the website analytics are telling the opposite. This is the problem of "bounce rate". Online users or...

Brand Awareness – GWS Dental

Customer Success - Greenway SmilesSocial media effectiveness was often challenged by our customers. Several customers were using facebook to post business updates on a regular basis and we heard following questions about Facebook from our clients. What key information...

PPC Campaigns – MCC Lead Generation

PPC Campaigns for Customer Success - Montessori Children's CenterPPC campaigns are a great way to get quick success in digital markeing. You website shows up in the first page in Organic search and you got to this point with lots of effort in writing good content and...

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