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Pay per click Campaigns / advertisements

PPC campaigns are a great way to get quick success in digital markeing.

You website shows up in the first page in Organic search and you got to this point with lots of effort in writing good content and Search Engine Optimization work. However you are still not getting sufficient leads to meet your business goals.

Project summary

This case study is about a Pre-school business which needs leads urgently. Many times businesses need a steady of flow of leads and depending on SEO is not an option.

Reasons why SEO may not work, first SEO is long term and it takes time for SEO to work. Secondly statistics tell that more than 90% of the customers do not click on search listings below the first three, usually the paid ads take up this premium space.

Read through this article how pay per click can be used to cleverly target your prospective customers by show casing your value upfront in google “Search Ads”.

The Strategy

Conversions for preschools is not simple, parents who are the prospective customers take careful consideration of all factors before signing up tours. There are a set of common criteria which parents look for such as curriculum, teaching philosophy, safety, accreditation and others.

During our discovery we identified that the school has all the great features parents look for and if we can get the prospective parents directed to their website there is good chance of getting leads. However we needed to test this hypotheses.


Kotes copywriting team crafted 2 google pay per click ads for A/B testing purpose, these ads were written with direct intent to showcase the USPs of the preschool.

We also fixed other factors as shown below,

  • Removed multiple and low-value Click to Actions.
  • Bring all focus to one primary Click to Action and used it as primary CTA in the landing pages.
  • Identify one lighter CTA which customers are willing to give and placed it appropriately.

The google search ads brought good amount of traffic to the website and leads started to come in.

MCC liked this approach and we created several other ads to target each program.

Proven Results

Pay per click campaigns are very effective when it comes to directing users to your website, the online users from PPC campaign ads are important for your business because they have buying intent. With high ROI on pay per click ads many customers are investing in PPC to achieve their business goals.


Website Traffic

All Conversions

Click to Actions

Tour Appointments

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