7 Tricks and Hacks to handle Negative Reviews

Written by Sankara Reddy Vaka

March 1, 2023

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Every business, however long they have been in business have to learn how to handle negative reviews given by a dissatisfied customer.

You may have multiple products and services that match the world class quality. Even you may have several positive reviews from your satisfied customers.

However, one negative review /post about your product or service, would create a continuous flow of reactions from other disgruntled customers and it will have a massive impact for your business.

The truth or myth of Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are a vital source of feedback for businesses, as they provide insights into customer experiences with products or services. Here are some insights on the truth and myth of customer reviews:

The Truth:
  1. Customer reviews can influence purchasing decisions: Many customers rely on reviews before making purchasing decisions, as they trust the opinions of other consumers more than advertising or marketing claims.
  2. Customer reviews can help businesses improve: By reading customer reviews, businesses can gain insights into what they are doing well and where they need to improve. This can help them refine their products or services to better meet customer needs.
  3. Authentic customer reviews are valuable: Authentic reviews from real customers are more valuable than fake reviews or paid endorsements. Customers can usually spot fake reviews and they can damage the credibility of the business.
The Myth:
  1. All customer reviews are genuine: Unfortunately, not all customer reviews are genuine. Some reviews may be fake or paid for by the competitors. It’s important to verify the authenticity of reviews before relying on them.
  2. Negative reviews are always bad: While negative reviews can be damaging, they can also provide valuable feedback for businesses. Negative reviews can highlight areas for improvement and provide opportunities for businesses to respond and show that they are committed to customer satisfaction.
  3. Positive reviews are always trustworthy: While positive reviews can be a good sign, they should also be viewed with some scepticism. Customers may be incentivized to leave positive reviews or may have had a distinct experience than others. It’s important to read a range of reviews to get an accurate picture of customer experiences.

When it comes to negative reviews, you would not be alone in the suffering. There were several businesses in the past and there will be many more in the future to experience the demands of a dissatisfied customer. To handle negative reviews on social media it requires clear processes and strategies.


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Here are 7 tricks and hacks to deal with negative review and to ensure desirable outcome.

1. Respond quickly and empathetically

Respond to negative reviews as soon as possible and acknowledge the reviewer’s concerns. Show empathy for their experience and apologize for any inconvenience caused. Timing is the most important factor to handle negative reviews.

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2. Keep it professional

Keep your response professional and avoid getting defensive or emotional. Remember, your response is public and can be seen by anyone, so it’s important to maintain a positive image to handle negative reviews on hand and prevent a chain of add-on negative reviews.

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3. Offer a solution

Offer a solution (alternative solution) to the reviewer’s problem. Ask them what you can do to make things right and try to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. This trick works like a charm to handle negative reviews.

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4. Take the conversation offline

If the issue is complex, offer to take the conversation offline. Provide the reviewer with a phone number or email address where they can reach you directly to discuss the issue further. Direct access will cool down the customer and prevent further damage in our effort to handle negative reviews.

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5. Monitor your social media accounts regularly

Keep an eye on your social media accounts regularly to ensure you can respond quickly to any negative reviews. Consider using a social media monitoring tool to help you track and handle negative reviews.

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6. Learn from the feedback

Use negative reviews as an opportunity to learn from your mistakes and to improve your product or service. Take the feedback seriously and make changes to address any recurring issues. This will make you better at avoiding negative reviews. Remember a stich in time saves nine.

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7. Encourage positive reviews

Encourage your delighted customers to leave positive reviews on social media. This will help balance out any negative reviews and improve your overall reputation. You can make this step more as a common and regular practice. It saves a lot of hard feelings that you might face to handle negative reviews posted by customers.

encourage for positive feedback

Remember, negative reviews can happen to any business, how you respond to them is what matters and that has significant impact on your brand’s reputation. With our tricks and hacks, you can handle negative reviews effectively  that conveys your customers that you care and are committed to providing excellent customer service.


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