Worried about a Negative review on your business?

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Written by: Srini Kollabathula

May 8, 2022

Worried about a Negative review on your business?

Read this short article to understand how to respond to negative reviews on your business. Remember, the most important reaction from your side is to respond to the review and to do it quickly.

But first don’t panic it is very common to get negative reviews if your business exists for some time. Customers are not happy all the time and some customers are not easily satisfied. Negative review also indicates that your business is active and real, imagine a business with all 5 star reviews you will start to suspect it.


Even by just acknowledging the problem you may be providing a satisfactory response to a negative review. Detailed explanation of what happened or the reasons for that situation could may not help in all cases. Sometimes, the incident occurred could be from a misunderstanding in the first place.


More than the details of what happened, information about what mitigation measures you have taken should be given importance.


Such communication is important because it send a message that other customers will not be affected and it won’t repeat again.


Such information reflects your mindset to move forward and what other customers can expect from your business.


Remember these points when you respond to negative reviews.

  1. Respond quickly
  2. Show empathy
  3. Express that you are feeling sorry for what happened in simple words.
  4. Take responsibility, after all its your business.
  5. If needed take the discussion offline
  6. If you fix the problem express it through the review response so that other customers will also understand.
  7. Move on.


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