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Social Media Marketing – Will it really build brands

Social media likes

Sankara Reddy Vaka

More people are online than every before. People are consuming more content online and this trend is going up. Your customers are online now and the question is, are your advertisements reaching them.

Is your online presence and especially social media presence strong enough to catch your customer’s attention?

Many brands including big are already taking advantage of social media, they are reaching to customers using clever ways. This article is concentrated on Relevance of Facebook in today’s digital world and can Facebook’s influence on your customer’s buying decision.

Are social media and search engines the same: Social media has a different role in influencing the customers decisions comparison to google. We cannot compare social media marketing with google search marketing because they are not competing platforms in most aspects, we should rather accept them as complimentary platforms.

Google marketing is generally given more weightage since Users have “buying intent” when they are searching hence there is greater chance of generating a lead originated from google search.

However social media works: It somewhat works like the advertisements you used to watch during movie or programs on TV. Users consume content while experiencing social life online, the content could be ads, stories or news feedback.

The content sometimes catches their attention leading to brand awareness and finally sale. At first we might think can this method really influence a buyers to make a purchase but data suggests otherwise.

Many popular brands such as Monster, Crayola, Pepsi, Super coffee benefitted from Facebook and achieved; brand awareness, in-store sales, incremental conversion and low cost per lead. Many brands have achieved 6X or 7X times benefits to cost.

Social media marketing also generates user given content such as Likes, Comments, Shares and even followers, all these act as customer influencers.

Social media platforms such as Facebook and instagram are fantastic platform for posting organizational updates or any other interesting content which is home grown. As online users tend to appreciate more pure and unedited content social media platform’s influence on customers is growing stronger day by day.

Business Page on Facebook.

A business page on Facebook is a powerful way of reaching your customers. On the page maintain the basic information about your business. Business Page lets you post photos and videos of your business this is very effective to reach your customers both potential and new.

Business page can also acquire followers which can a very useful to push business updates since it is easy and no cost. All the above business functions just described will cost absolutely nothing for your business, instead they can create outstanding brand awareness.

Imagine business page as a social media version of your website so keep it simple and up-to date. It is essential to keep the basic information such as contact information in synch with the website. Lastly, make sure to put a nice cover page which represents or explains your business visually.

How frequently should I post on Facebook?

Depending on your business, activities and team readiness, you can post updates as frequently as Once a day. We definitely recommend a weekly update.

Guidelines for Facebook page posts:

We recommend Pure, Home grown and Raw content which is interesting to customers and conveys the strengths of your business. Original content can be very engaging to customers and is effective in gathering Likes, Shares and Comments.

Plan a posting ahead of time, carefully select content such as photos and videos which makes the posting interesting and engaging to customers.

Avoid repetitive boring content, avoid posting too much text because attention span is very limited on social media, you have to produce content which is eye catching and engaging.

Keep it original. Do not refine the content with photoshop and edit to a point where it loses originality. Online users believe less in edited content, the more it’s pure and raw the greater it is believed.

Working with a marketing agency is a success mantra for social media marketing.

Working with a marketing agency is a success mantra for social media marketing.

After describing the intricacies and capabilities needed for successful social media marketing it will be worth mentioning that doing it perfectly can be fairly difficult. Remember, social media is a highly competitive space.

Engaging a smart marketing agency like Kotes can be significant leap towards success.

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